Multidisciplinary Design



Chloe Byrne is a multidisciplinary designer living in New York City. 


Being the youngest member within a family of artists, Chloe was guided in her artistic expression as early as she can remember, learning how to paint, sculpt, and draw, as well as improvise with materials. She loved using cut paper to assemble three-dimensional objects, and naturally gravitated toward origami, often attempting to make her folded pieces as small as physically possible. She combined her growing abilities with her innate desire for innovation. As early as seven years old, she was illustrating concepts for floating magnetic cars that ran on trash, for home appliances that powered themselves. She was, and continues to be, fascinated with our natural and built environment. In high school, Chloe's interest in nature and design were simultaneously enhanced by her first physics courses, which allowed her to utilize her mathematical abilities to better understand the world, and her AP art courses, where she spent time on paintings and graphic artworks that illustrated patterns in nature.

Chloe graduated Cum Laude from NYU Gallatin in 2014. Her self-titled BA, "Metaphor as an Instrument for Design" explored associative processes within the mind that lead to design innovation. She synthesized multiple design fields to study this concept at different scales: from product design, to fashion and architecture, she supported her passions with a breadth of fine art courses, as well as science, minoring in Physics. 

“A man becomes creative, whether he is an artist or a scientist, when he finds a new unity in the variety of nature. He does so by finding a likeness between things which were not thought alike before... in this sense, all art is metaphor.”
—— Jacob Bronowski, “The Imaginative Mind in Art” 

Chloe was awarded the Rubin Prize for Visual Art in 2013 for her "spine-like" sculpture, SquirtGun.  She's worked on two award-winning multidisciplinary sculptures with Terreform ONE: the Bio City Map, and the Cricket Shelter. Chloe has participated in many creative industry projects across a diverse set of disciplines, from her Creative Direction at the New York Bee Sanctuary, to her more-recent app design and innovation for NYC startup, Doodle Republic. Presently, Chloe operates her own sculptural design studio, Make Wilde, producing made-to-order jewelry. As the creator, she enjoys and works on all aspects of the business, from sustainability research, to design, and fabrication. 

Chloe is excited to continue to work on projects that deepen her love for art and science, hoping to foster unity between human innovation and the natural world on which we rely.

resume available upon request.